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Hello, my name is Svetlana Fomina and I’m glad to invite you in a journey with me. Who am I? this is the main question that brought me on the path of travel, and although I»ve found the answer several years ago, I’m still on my way to realization of this simple fact: I’m not this beautiful young and educated body, I’m a spirit soul, eternal, tiny particle of my Lord. I like to travel, to photograph, to translate, to study culture, Ayurveda, and the ways of life. As a photographer I realised that I love people in their candid lives more than anything else, although I still like to see and show the beauty of nature and landscapes and experiment with light, shape and shadow. I have several websites, each of them on one of the areas of my interest, but I want to unite all of it in one website. I invite you to be with me on my journey in life and in developing this website to the benefit and joy of everyone.

I spent half of my time in India for the last 10 years. Why India? I believe, that this blessed land can give a sincere seeker everything he wants, including the sublime understanding on these vital questions: Who am I? What am I doing here? Does Lord exist? What are my relationships with Him? What is my destination? And what is my highest duty?

In modern world we live, allowing others to exploit us till the very end of our capacities, and learning to exploit others in the same way. We don’t have any time for ourselves, so we often feel dissatisfaction and we don’t realize the root cause of it. The more honest are we with ourselves, the more acute is this unsatiable thirst of something that can give us happiness.

Here, in India it’s easier to reconnect with Myself, easier to behave in a way I truly want, to rejects all types of social masks that I used to wear before… Easier to breathe. This is the land of ancient traditions which are still alive. Here you can feel that the Lord is not only exist but He is a boy from your neighbourhood, He is very near and dear. Probably this is the reason why it is so special — to live here.

Тричи, вид сверху

Have you been in a journey? Not in a travel, but in a journey, when you really strive to know the country and through this experience — to know Yourself and find all answers on those vital questions.

Lets go in this Journey together!


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